There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us.  We're very proud of this product, what it stands for WHO it stands for, and the scholarship it will create. We hope you enjoy our site and stand with us supporting those who said...

                         "I WAS THERE"

The Creator

J. Neal, is a 21 year U.S. Army veteran whom watched the news and sympathized as he heard countless medical professionals state, "we feel like we're in a war zone", "the hospitals are virtually battlefields". 

He thought, "wow, these people are truly at war against this virus, they are our front line fighters, the Infantry of the medical field". With that in mind, he designed a patch that he believes captures and symbolizes the sacrifices made by these brave professionals. He called it the "Covid Angel of Mercy" (C.A.M.) 

The Patch

This is not just a patch, but a symbol of American resilience, resolve, bravery and selfless service. 

The C.A.M. depicts and angel, adorned with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The angel holds a stethoscope and staff. The phrase "EGO ARAM IBI", Latin for "I WAS THERE" flow from the garment. 

The Concept

It's really not that complicated! Although the C.A.M. can be purchased by health care professionals and support staff, we believe that Heroes shouldn't have to buy their own badge.


So, we are asking the people they support; communities, corporate, civic, philanthropist, and extraordinary citizens to sponsor and volunteer to help us make our vision a reality. Our goal is for every medical profession and medical support staff employee who serve in the treatment, care, defense, and eradication of Covid-19, have this patch. We are proud of them and the word "heroes" is well, inadequate. We want the communities they serve to purchase, sponsor, or defray the cost of the patches so they can wear their duly earned "badge of courage". 

The Scholarship Fund

Unlike those who are trying to capitalize off of this horrible virus, as many entities are, we have committed 50%...YOU READ IT RIGHT...50% of the profits will be set aside for a Scholarship fund. This fund will be used exclusively to support the Children and Spouses of medical professionals and medical support staff personnel whom contracted  Covid-19 and unfortunately lost their lives in the line of duty.  

Let's take care of our Heroes!

Want to sponsor a hospital? Group? Donate? 

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